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What is Monkey Dragon?

In the Chinese zodiac when a Monkey and a Dragon combine forces nothing can stop them

Yaniv Shmeltzer


With experience of over 20 years in the video & film arts as a director, cinematographer, editor and creative writer, he leads the team with joyfulness, patience and respect, to the best professional, unique and genuine results.

A true optimist by nature, determined to manifest big dreams into reality, while paying close attention to the smallest details. Yaniv was blessed with many creative gifts which he brings with devotion to every project that he is involved in.

Chinese sign – Fire Dragon.
Favorite quote : “Playfulness is the highest form of research” A.Einstien

Hadar Bakshy


With much care and gentleness Hadar grounds all the big dreams and makes them come true. Carefully casting and tailoring each production, taking care of the finest details of each project.

Our head of productions brings A wide experience in producing documentary, animation, commercials for Film & TV in the last 20 years. Hadar is especially known for her ability to get things done while making every crew member and clients feel comfortable and heard.

Chinese sign – Metal Monkey.
Favorite quote : “There is no such thing as too much parsley in the Tahini” H.Bakshy

We met at Tel-Aviv University film school, Got married (3 times actually) and currently living in the Jungles of Costa rica with our 3 kids.
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