Ray Maor

A Campaign for a 9 day pranic living workshop. Production – Monkey DragonDirection, Editing – Yaniv ShmeltzerDOP – Eithan Mikutski https://vimeo.com/887780218https://vimeo.com/887788190?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/887787630?share=copy

Selina Residency Program

Selina encouraged the Nomadic lifestyle, and wished for a way to tell that story from a personal perspective of a Nomadic Artist. LOLI & MANU, musicians and videographers toured in 6 Selina locations across latin America.On their journey they recorded an album in Medellin (Colombia) Selina music studio’s and created a 7 min. documentary about their way […]


Ice cream Treasure chest box We hid treasure boxes full of popsicles at the beach for the kids. Production – MamashDirection, Editing – Yaniv ShmeltzerCreative – Eran ErlikDOP – Oran Avivi, Eitan Nade https://vimeo.com/836686256/51e3f1fba8?share=copy

Pachamama – Yoga Teacher Training

A Video package promoting Yoga teacher training. A package promoting one of the flagship workshops of Pachamama retreat center in Costa Rica. Main video, Testimonial, and Teaser Production – MonkeyDragonDirection, DOP, Editing – Yaniv Shmeltzer https://vimeo.com/837038796/1b26180205?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/837039342/f05e661bdc?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/837032808/bc86c53e00?share=copy

Casa Versa

Promotional video for swap homes website.Produced and shot in beautiful Costa Rica. Production – Monkey DragonDirection, Editing – Yaniv Shmeltzer https://vimeo.com/831595392/725a6d30b2?share=copy

Selina new years eve 2018

International NYE campaign for Selina Global. Connecting people around the world. Filmed Simultaneously in 30 separate events in 13 countries, and edited on the last 24 hrs of 2018. Production – MonkeyDragonDirecting, Editing – Yaniv Shmeltzer https://vimeo.com/836639587/8e1dbda414?share=copy

Robomow – Road to Berlin

A robotic mower AD shot from  Barcelona to Berlin. The Robomow production campaign during the 2015 Euro League, for a robotic mower. Shot on the road from Barcelona to Berlin. Production – MamashDirecting & Editing – Yaniv ShmeltzerDOP – Oran Avivi For the soccer world cup , a series of “Game Highlights” videos More about this in […]


A video explaining the complexity and richness of Pachamama life. Pachamama is a a retreat center  and a residential village. Video Had outstanding success, shares, comments and likes on social media. Produced a jump in sales. and a milestone branding content. Production – MonkeyDragonDirection, DOP, Editing – Yaniv Shmeltzer https://vimeo.com/836939187/a428a076b3?share=copy


Three TV Ads for Israeli smoothies bar chain.  Production – Monkey DragonDirection – Yaniv ShmeltzerCreative – Eran ErlikDOP – Guy RazAnimation – Tamir Weiss https://vimeo.com/836342476/09fc0669e3?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/830658611/1f00682adc?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/836342935/4dddb10c42?share=copy

Selina ADs

International campaign. 3 Advertisements for Selina Global.Total of Over 12M organic view on Social. Production – MonkeyDragonDirection, Editing – Yaniv Shmeltzer https://vimeo.com/833597734/4e6aa742b6?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/833582868/cd30ec6602?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/836586433/867cc21de1?share=copy

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