The Power of Pre-Recorded
Online Courses:

Alice Hong / Nectar Online series

The problem:

Alice Hong, experienced feminine leadership coach and tantra teacher, aiming to connect with women globally and make her wisdom accessible online.

Our challenge was to maintain and simulate the intimate connection that is present Alices physical workshops, and create the same safe container allowing the viewer to stay open and receive such sensitive content.

The solution:

The Nectar Series is an online workshop, 8 modules (15-30 min each) with guided exercises, allowing women to explore their sensuality.

Filmed in a single day with 3 cameras, incorporates animations to enhance Alice’s explanations, providing visual stimulation.


The pre-recorded online course delivered remarkable results for Alice.

expanded global reach, increased learner flexibility, and improved course consistency

The client experienced greater revenue potential, reduced stress. 

Alice’s online courses were improved based on feedback, leading to higher learner satisfaction.

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