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Papagayo Bay Luxury Villas – Creating a full package of Videos and stills for 2 villas

The problem:

To produce captivating video and stills showcasing the luxurious rental villas in Papagayo Bay, Costa Rica, and their appeal as a safe and enjoyable family vacation destination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution:

Despite pandemic restrictions, our production team captured the essence of Papagayo Bay luxury villas. Collaborating closely with the client, we highlighted the villas’ unique features and created visuals that conveyed the experience of families coming together to enjoy a memorable vacation.


Our visuals successfully portrayed Papagayo Bay luxury villas as the ultimate family retreat. By showcasing the joy, relaxation, and safety measures in place, we instilled confidence in potential guests. The campaign resulted in increased bookings and revenue for the client.

Conclusion: Our production showcased Papagayo Bay luxury villas as a haven for families seeking a memorable vacation during the pandemic. The visuals inspired viewers to choose these villas, resulting in increased bookings and a thriving business for the client, despite the challenging circumstances

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